Casting Grinding

In the project highlighted here we helped a manufacturer of precision machining equipment to streamline their supply chain. At Precision Grinding, we have helped customers across a broad range of industries to save time and money through our highly responsive precision grinding services. In this instance, the customer had a steady stream of castings that they needed prepared for assembly. The castings are a critical component for their line of high precision CNC router tables and an essential element of a complex overall build process.

The requirements of this project brought two challenges together, extremely accurate and consistent grinding and a very stringest delivery schedule; a deviation from either would halt their production line. This scenario is one in which we excel; as we have worked with demanding customers for a diverse range of applications. As a result, we’ve developed a robust quality program, and unmatched operational flexibility.

In this ongoing project, we receive the raw carbon steel castings from the foundry in lots of 10 to 15 pieces per order. The castings measure 30″ x 30″ x 8″, and are groudn to the customer supplied specifications that call out tolerances of ±.0005″. The finished castings are then sent fully qualified to the customer’s facility ready for assembly.

This project as with many others that we have completed, highlight our expertise and has allowed us to build long-term relationships with customers. We provide them with services that seamlessly integrate with their production requirements. For more information, or to learn how working with a customer-centric company can drive cost out of your next grinding project, contact us directly.