Large Surface Grinding of Rotors

At Precision Grinding, we have been providing grinding services for a wide scope industries and applications since our inception in 1993. We operate a versatile 15,000 square foot facility equipped with a variety of high-grade equipment, giving us the ability to complete surface-grinding for specifications that range from small and intricate to heavy, large-scale projects. The quality and diversity of our services is well exemplified by the custom component featured here. We were contacted by a customer in the recycling industry to precision grind a number of large recycling rotors. The rotors measured 6.750” x 36” x 72” and were to be used for shredding cars; therefore, precision was essential to ensure a long and trouble-free service life.

We had already built a long, successful relationship with this client; they were counting on us to complete these rotors with the highest levels of precision and toughness. We employed our advanced equipment to grind these T-1 steel rotors to tolerances to ± 0.002”, leaving them with a smooth 63 RMS surface finish. Our customer was well-pleased with the surface grinding we completed for these rotors. They met all of our customer’s exact specifications, verified by a thorough final inspection. We completed and delivered 15 of these large rotors within a turnaround time of just 10 days. Our relationship with this customer continues on to this day, as they still seek us out to complete the most challenging projects.

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Large Surface Grinding of Recycling Rotors

Capabilities Applied/ ProcessesSurface Grind Thickness +/- .002
Flat with-in .002
Overall Part Dimensions6.750” x 36” x 72”
Tightest Tolerances+/- .002
Material UsedT-1 Steel
Material Finish63 RMS
Industry for UseRecycling (car shredding)
In Process Testing/ Inspection PerformedFinal Inspection
Volume15 in 10 days
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Drawing