Exotic Metals Grinding

The aerospace industry is synonymous with high precision and advanced materials. Modern jet engine designs are pushing the limits of heat and pressure whiel structural elements drive ever further towards lighter weight and increased strength. These factors have propagated an explosion in the metallurgical sciences, developing materials with properties that were unheard just a few years ago.

From composites to exotics and super alloys, the aerospace industry is a heavy user of materials technology. Though the properties of these advanced materials are impressive, they also pose many issues when it comes to grinding and machining. The characteristics that make them ideal for aerospace applications also make them very difficult to manipulate; this is compounded by the level of precision that the industry demands. For many manufacturers, these factors would rule out even quoting on many aerospace jobs, however, at Precision Grinding, we are geared to accommodate the needs of this and many demanding industries.

This customer contracted us with a blanket order that includes the surface grinding of 30 pieces per order. The parts they provided us feature dimensions of 10″ x 36″ x 1″, and require grinding to tolerances of ±.0005″. The work pieces are composed 2205 Duplex stainless steel, which exhibitis yield strength twice that of other austenitic grades. Because of its strength, efficiently grinding it requires very rigid equipment, and far more torque than other materials.

As our name implies, we specialize in precision grinding and are equipped to accommodate the most difficult materials. Our staff has years of experience which allows for maximum utilization of all of our equipment. At the end of the day this means, high efficiency, better quality and faster turnover.

To learn more about this project, or the processes used to finish it, contact us at Precision Grinding directly.